26 Apr 2007


I love my mum for a multitude of reasons, not least because she birthed me, clothed me and fed me for a good 20 years and had to endure the rather hideous teenage years [I was a teenage goth, enough said] but I also have great respect for her as a woman, as she instilled all my feminist values in me from a very young age and lived them as best she could herself. She also has my utmost respect for being a compassionate human being that works tirelessly with the elderly mentally infirm as a nurse. Every day I marvel at the patience, love and understanding she has for the elderly and I am dumbfounded at how well she deals with the suffering and loss. She is a bloody great woman and I love her a great deal. With this in mind, for the few of you that do read this blog, please go here. It's a campaign run by the Fawcett Society, to get every premiership footballer [including the SPL] to donate a day's wages to a fund to help support the UK's nurses.

I think it is a damn fine idea and besides, the WAG's could do without a designer handbag in the name of supporting women that actually work for a living, cant they?

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