23 Apr 2007

another reason to despise China

Today, the news from China, a country that still thinks it is OK to breed tigers for their traditional 'medicines' and have bears perform like circus clowns, there comes some rather worrying news. China is preparing to call for a lift of the ban in tiger products. Xiongsen is the world's largest battery farm of tigers, bred not only for their 'entertainment' value to visitors but for their ultimate use in traditional 'medicines'. This treatment of endangered animals as a disposable commodity makes me sick to my stomach and despair of human beings. In addition to their atrocious record of human rights violations, they seem unperturbed at their abuse of endangered species as well.

China, you should be ashamed of yourself.

more on this story here


more shockingly disgusting behaviour from China


Anonymous said...

one reason to despise westen ,
you are eating cock / pig and snail, pls , less prejudge

Anonymous said...

Mind yer own business, China doesn't export hunger, China doesn't export ideology, it's all about a bunch of tigers and you despise a whole country of people because someone just killed some tigers, for which no proof was even given. For chrissake please quit pulling craps like this from your head. People have their own way of living, do you think killing a cow is more saint than killing a tiger?