5 Apr 2007

Mourning Miles

It is with great sadness that I post this today.
My good friend Jill Mingo's little grey gentleman died in the early hours of this morning, in his owners arms. He got ill quite suddenly and was diagnosed with a tumour in his belly and not long to live. This was little over a week ago.
He lived a great life with the gregarious, loyal and outrageous Jill Mingo. He came to her approx 14 years ago, from a cat rescue home and soon enough settled down as Jill's little grey husband. Through all Jill trials and tribulations, he has been a constant friend and companion and shared his hosting/entertaining skills with Jill, in a laid back, perfectly feline way.
I loved the little fella, much like I love all the great cats I have ever known, he was gorgeous and sweet and if he were human, would have been a silver haired fox of a man.
May you rest in peace little man, I have a feeling that somewhere, somehow you may well be keeping some of Jill's other favourite people company, miss Anna Nicole Smith & mr James Brown.


Jenny said...

Poor Jill. RIP Miles. What a beauty he was ... silver-grey cats are gorgeous.

Donna said...

RIP gorgeous Miles. And Love to Jill.