31 Jan 2007

a can of cinnamon whoopass

Never thought I would get to the stage of an official complaint to Ofcom. I only wish I did live in some bloody awful twee/quaint/bordering on Royston Vasey type town, so I could sign off, Disgusted, Buckinghamshire.

Here is the complaint:

The advert was a woman on a night out, clearly enjoying herself and having a drink with friends. It was implied that she was drunk and during the course of the evening spurned the advances of a man. When she was on the way home, the spurned man attacked and raped her. The final tag line for the advert was some or other statistic reporting that a high % of woman that are raped are drunk. I am complaining because women being drunk does NOT CAUSE rape. Men [drunk or otherwise] rape women. Being drunk or otherwise does NOT prevent it. This is a highly ill informed and irresposible message for the GOVERNMENT to be advertising. I would suggest it is taken off the air immediately.

I would love to think that my complaint would get through to the correct folks in our good ol government but I sincerely doubt it. Still, it is always good to make a, what I feel is legitimate, complaint. Terribly un-British of me I know. Should there be anyone out there who wishes to join me in complaining, please do so here http://www.asa.org.uk/asa/how_to_complain/complaints_form/ . The advert was on BBC 6 music, 27 Jan 07 approx 9:30pm.

Guaranteed bruises and broken ankles

I am gonna get me a pair of these babies and perhaps one of these to protect the noggin
Then, I am gonna go along to meet the fantastic London Roller Girls and see just how long it takes me to fall flat on my face and break my nose [I estimate about 3mins].
Expect the above items to be on ebay in a few weeks, when yet another fabulous idea for getting fit and being sociable comes crashing down about me. Feel free to send bandages in the meantime.

19 Jan 2007

It's Friday! Song of the day...

"Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin. Preferably played so loud that when your colleagues come into your office they have to shout over to it to be heard. Go Aretha!

10 Jan 2007

perfection personified

Physical attributes in a man that are likely to make go all squidgy and/or make me wanna instantly marry them:

  • dark hair
  • tattoos
  • sideburns
  • black nail varnish
  • black eyeliner
  • more tattoos

I appreciate that those particular attributes may make me seem like an Emo bloke botherer but no, this is what I'm after

Dave, Dave, Dave soon you will realise that what you REALLY need in your life is mz Cin.McBad. You will need to get rid of the fags though, although heart stoppingly sexy, I dont wanna snog an ashtray. Thanks darling.

*heads off to dream of the lovely Mr Gahan and be delusional elsewhere

pity the poor fool

I stumbled across this quote again today and it still makes me wanna pee my pants laughing:

"[Feminism is] a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians" ~Pat Robertson

The Joy of slap

Not content with just being generally run down, moody, STILL having a cold and suffering from S.A.D and the fact that January sucks ass, my skin has decided to look grey and bland. This is despite lashings of my new favourite MAC blusher. I do however have the following two products to thank, for a ton of compliments that were recently lavished upon me.. These wonder products are Clarins Beauty flash balm, which is like a teeny tiny team of pixies pinching your skin and making it all fresh and wonderful looking when really all it wants to do is sink beneath the duvet and sleep for at least another 5 hours [or until your damn snooze button harps on, AGAIN] and touche eclat, the wonderous elixir that covers the dark circles and belies your penchant for being a dirty denizen of the wee small hours

I would hardly call myself a slave to the evil that is 'that stuff you slap on that makes you look like a painted jezebel' [the words of my dearly departed grandmother] but sometimes I just have to say THANK JEBUS for the stuff. If only so that I dont scare small children and animals on my daily commute to work in thatLondon.
Yay for slap.

The MO for 2007 [as it stands today, the 10th Jan]

There will be no resolutions this year, because as I always say, why change a habit of a lifetime?My other 'missbadger says Love your Cunt' blog, has now sadly departed due to stinky assed mo-fo's asking too much money to host, so this is my shiny new one. There will be none of the "dear diary" crapola found in about a million other weblogs. There will quite possibly be some political discussion but highly likely that these will start with 'them effin politicians" and end with "bunch of effin bastardos". I shall compose my more serious thoughts elsewhere. In light of my contribution to another place that sparkles, there may be some sparkly related chat but generally, I hope to discover new things on the interwebulator and pass on the knowledge. I aim to find funny, useful and otherwise perhaps not fully discussed things elsewhere and put them here for all the world to see.
I will also use the word 'cunt' but fear not those of the faint heart, it will always be used in a positive manner, there will be no deregatory mud slinging about the lovely lady garden round here.
So yeah, welcome to my new blog, please feel free to comment where you wish.
happy new year to you all
cin_mcbad xx