10 Jan 2007

The Joy of slap

Not content with just being generally run down, moody, STILL having a cold and suffering from S.A.D and the fact that January sucks ass, my skin has decided to look grey and bland. This is despite lashings of my new favourite MAC blusher. I do however have the following two products to thank, for a ton of compliments that were recently lavished upon me.. These wonder products are Clarins Beauty flash balm, which is like a teeny tiny team of pixies pinching your skin and making it all fresh and wonderful looking when really all it wants to do is sink beneath the duvet and sleep for at least another 5 hours [or until your damn snooze button harps on, AGAIN] and touche eclat, the wonderous elixir that covers the dark circles and belies your penchant for being a dirty denizen of the wee small hours

I would hardly call myself a slave to the evil that is 'that stuff you slap on that makes you look like a painted jezebel' [the words of my dearly departed grandmother] but sometimes I just have to say THANK JEBUS for the stuff. If only so that I dont scare small children and animals on my daily commute to work in thatLondon.
Yay for slap.

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