31 Jan 2007

a can of cinnamon whoopass

Never thought I would get to the stage of an official complaint to Ofcom. I only wish I did live in some bloody awful twee/quaint/bordering on Royston Vasey type town, so I could sign off, Disgusted, Buckinghamshire.

Here is the complaint:

The advert was a woman on a night out, clearly enjoying herself and having a drink with friends. It was implied that she was drunk and during the course of the evening spurned the advances of a man. When she was on the way home, the spurned man attacked and raped her. The final tag line for the advert was some or other statistic reporting that a high % of woman that are raped are drunk. I am complaining because women being drunk does NOT CAUSE rape. Men [drunk or otherwise] rape women. Being drunk or otherwise does NOT prevent it. This is a highly ill informed and irresposible message for the GOVERNMENT to be advertising. I would suggest it is taken off the air immediately.

I would love to think that my complaint would get through to the correct folks in our good ol government but I sincerely doubt it. Still, it is always good to make a, what I feel is legitimate, complaint. Terribly un-British of me I know. Should there be anyone out there who wishes to join me in complaining, please do so here http://www.asa.org.uk/asa/how_to_complain/complaints_form/ . The advert was on BBC 6 music, 27 Jan 07 approx 9:30pm.

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