10 Jan 2007

The MO for 2007 [as it stands today, the 10th Jan]

There will be no resolutions this year, because as I always say, why change a habit of a lifetime?My other 'missbadger says Love your Cunt' blog, has now sadly departed due to stinky assed mo-fo's asking too much money to host, so this is my shiny new one. There will be none of the "dear diary" crapola found in about a million other weblogs. There will quite possibly be some political discussion but highly likely that these will start with 'them effin politicians" and end with "bunch of effin bastardos". I shall compose my more serious thoughts elsewhere. In light of my contribution to another place that sparkles, there may be some sparkly related chat but generally, I hope to discover new things on the interwebulator and pass on the knowledge. I aim to find funny, useful and otherwise perhaps not fully discussed things elsewhere and put them here for all the world to see.
I will also use the word 'cunt' but fear not those of the faint heart, it will always be used in a positive manner, there will be no deregatory mud slinging about the lovely lady garden round here.
So yeah, welcome to my new blog, please feel free to comment where you wish.
happy new year to you all
cin_mcbad xx

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