27 Mar 2007

On yer Bike...

In the spirit of it being [almost] spring, I, in a moment of madness, bought a bicycle to commute on[look at her, aint she sweet? Her name is Mabel] Knowing me, this will be a very short lived phase of 'lets get fit and save some money on bus fare', if only because my lifetime habit of sheer laziness will win. It is a very lovely little thing, soon to be fitted with a girly basket on the front. If I were riding my bike with the view to attracting the opposite sex, this would be an entirely futile excercise not just because of the high visibility waitcoat and equally attractive luminous trouser straps but also because of my bright red, make-up-less face. So very bloody sexy indeed. Anyway I had better be more concerned with the death machines better known as London buses and taxi's than with looking sexy. I sense a whole lot of cyclist road rage to come.

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